A review of windows 8.1 operating system

Windows 8.1 includes important fixes and tweaks such as the latest version of the start button, the ability to boot to the desktop directly, better searching feature and a more enhanced app store. This operating system was released with the intention of upgrading from windows 8 to windows 8.1. As a result, it was free for a windows 8 user and no computer repair needed for upgrading.

This is the forward thinking operating system from the Microsoft team with positive updates and tweaks and an attempt to alter the overall perception about windows 8 operating system. This operating system was not a new product rolled out to the market but an update of windows 8. For more help installing windows 8.1 click here

Microsoft is convinced that windows can upgrade its form from 8-inch tablet to 27 – inch twin screens on your desktop and the operating system that can be able to do this is windows 8.1 operating system. The reason for this is that the operating system has a new start screen and new strategies of laying out several apps alongside each other on your desktop screen.

Microsoft windows 8.1 has a number of functional improvements and refinements including a broad range of new services and apps, improved Bing search capability and a customized start screen. This article examines a number of windows 8.1 features that make it better than windows 8

New and exciting features of windows 8.1 operating system

Turn the start screen into an important app launcher

It is cumbersome to find the app you require on windows 8 start screen since tiles are used widely on the screen. However, with windows 8.1, you can turn your start screen into an important app launcher. How to go about it is to right click on the taskbar and choose properties then navigation tab. Tick show the app when I go to start menu automatically on the star screen section. Consequently, you will be able to see a list of apps instead of big tiles.

Boot to desktop

Windows 8.1 gives you the option of going directly to the desktop when you log into your computer. To do this, go to properties by right clicking on the taskbar and then go the navigation tab. On the start screen section, select when I close all apps or sign in, go the desktop instead of start screen. Any time you log in on your computer, windows will take you directly to desktop instead of start screen.

Quiet hours

With this operating system, windows 8.1 have managed to combine numerous mobile and desktop features together to work concurrently. An app notification is one of the features that combine mobile and desktop features together. This notification pops up with a sound when you receive a message. This is a useful app during the day especially when you are too busy with other duties but very much disappointing during the night when you are sleeping. As a result, windows 8.1 add quiet hours setting for letting or allowing notifications silently in certain times of the day when you don’t want disturbance. You can set this feature by going to settings charm to access the search and apps and notifications